Thank you for choosing to submit your article to Journal of Rising Powers and Global Governance. Please follow the instructions below in order to ensure your article matches our rules.

  1. Manuscripts are accepted in English. Use either UK or US spelling and punctuation.
  2. Manuscripts are limited with 8000 words including references and bibliography.
  3. Manuscripts should be compiled in the following order: title, author(s), abstract, keywords, main text, acknowledgements, funding, author bio(s), references
  4. Maximum 175 words of abstract should be included in the manuscripts.
  5. Each manuscript should have 6 keywords at maximum.
  6. Section headings should be concise.
  7. Author bios should include names, affiliations, email and social media addresses and short biographical notes.
  8. The format should be Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1.5 line spacing.
  9. Authors should use Harvard Deakin Referencing Style. See the examples for all citation types of Harvard Deakin Referencing Style here. Authors should also add a reference list complied according to Harvard Deakin Style.


Book reviews should not exceed 2000 words. Reviews should be submitted along with author’s brief biography including academic title, affiliation, e-mail address and social media handles (if possible). The review should include the following information about the book: author, place, publisher, publication date, page, price, ISBN The review should include information about the significance of the book and its timeliness, the details about the author and critical review of the central themes of the book. Authors contact the book review editor via e-mail with a review request. If the request is accepted by the editor, the copies of the books (hard/and soft) will be delivered/mailed to the author for the reviewing purposes. Reviewers are expected to send their reviews in 8-10 weeks. After the editorial control, you may be asked for some minor changes.

In order to submit an article, please send your manuscript to the following e-mail address: